Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jay The Dishonored

He awoke to a voice in his head, his vision still blurred. he couldn't make out the voice completely, but he knew it said, “I am the wretched memory you seek, or do you not seek it?”. he got up immediately in shock. he tried remembering what was going on, a gashing pain went into his head.  he couldn't remember remember where he was, why he was there, or what he was even doing there. he tried to remember again this time thinking harder. not caving into the pain he collapsed again. he awoke a while later and the sun had set. he examined his surroundings, he was in some kind of shack in the woods. there was blood spread across the floor. he could recall a familiar face. it must be his father, and he remembered some words he said. but none of them exactly helped. “follow the red trail, if you can claim what is rightfully yours at the end, then maybe you're not such a worthless peice of shit, maybe you’re worthy of my presence for once.” if this really was a memory of his father, his father was ruthless and unloving. but he didn't know what else to do, so he starting looking around. examining the shack. the walked to the door.. stepping in puddles of blood. opened it, and there he saw the red trail his father spoke of. it seemed to go on for a while, going around trees and turning in no particular direction. it had to go somewhere at some point though. he went back in the shed. he looked under the matt he woke up on. there, he found a sword, a lighter, and a note. the not just said “good luck. from, a friend”. then there was a little sketch of a sword on fire. well, if he had a lighter and a sword you can imagine what he was supposed to do. he held the lighter to the sword and it instantly gleamed with light and flames gashing out. however, they were tamed and controlled. he took a moment just to admire the sword. then he realized what he needed to do again.. was he sure he wanted to do this? did he really want to play the game his father set up for him? he didn't really have any other choice.. he needed to meet his father. he walked outside and started following the trail of blood, twisting and turning it felt endless.. after about a mile he finally said screw it to staying on the trail and cut through the thick brush when there was a turn. that was a mistake, after he got back onto the trail he realized there was a rash on his legs, but it wasn't itchy, it burned and slowly melted away his skin slowly as if some kind of acid. he avoided touching it in worry that it would spread more, he saw another cabin up ahead that the trail led into. he began to get used to the pain of walking and by the time he got there he couldn't feel it anymore. he walked inside the cabin, he noticed his leg was swollen and irritated. and there, slept a giant dog.. it appeared to be something like a hellhound.. he looked closer, the trail led to a chest. he snuck over to the chest without awakening the beast. locked. he thought with frustration, then he noticed that the dog had a key on his collar. F**k this he said quietly to himself.. but it wasnt quite enough.. he turned around to a the dog awakening. pulled up his sword and lit it once again. the beast was fully awake now.. he flashed the sword in his face and sad stay back!? it hesitated for a molment, and then swooped his paw down and gashed his leg. He had a delayed reaction to the pain, acidic puss gushed from his leg and soaked the dog. The dog howled in pain and just colapsed. He stabbed it to assure it was dead. His leg was now bleeding, but it was relieved and looked healthy again. He slid the key from the dogs corps. And slowly opened the chest, inside there was a bow and quiver of arrows with another note. He slung the bow and arrows onto his back. And then opened the note. It said "that's it you're almost there, don't bother turning away, you'll just live of life of death and destruction. Or we're you living that life before you lost your memory?" He struck the ground with the sword in anger, thre the not on the ground. He walked through the door where the trail continued, impaled the sword into the cabin, lit it, and walked away as it burned. He laughed a little and continued on the trail. he just thought off and continued on the trail not too focused on what was ahead, and when he realized where he was he looked up, it had to be his fathers outpoast. it was a bunker looking thing still in the middle of the woods. there was no door it was just open, he walked inside to see a hall with doors on each side leading down to two double doors at the end. he walked to the end through the double doors, there sat his father on a concrete throne. the floor in the room was soaked with blood. and beside his thrown sat two more giant dog things, exept these one were flaming. he aproached his father as he said “welcome my son, you completed all my taskes but one”. as he gestured to the demon dogs. not even thinking about it he took out his sword and started striking the dogs until their fires died with them. he approached his father while he was holding the orb that must have contained his memories. his father said “very good, now as promised,  your memories” he tossed jay the orb. jay looked at it thinking for a few molments. he smashed it on the ground. his father looked at him in shock. he lit the sword, approached his father, and said “now why would i want to remember anything else about a sick bastard like you?!” his fathers head rolled on the floor as his corps burned.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fuster Cluxx (value essay)

Value is something that can differ with facts and opinions. and there are certain valuable things that literally have a price, and some you might consider priceless. sitting by a fire with friends and family is something thats priceless to me. my play station 3 is something i enjoy that has a literal price.

Sitting, staring at a screen for hours. Having a great time. A playstation is a good functional system that lets me enjoy some of the fantasies that are in my mind. You can do things in video games that you could never do in real life, weather because you would be punished if you did, or because its physically impossible. It enables me to enjoy shows or music that could mean something to me.Sitting by a fire alone isn't something that means something to me. its the people you are with. They both mean something to me in some way. They both enable me to spend time with friends or family, although one is virtual and i don't get to be with them in person, it still lets me laugh and have a good time them as i would be able to sitting by a fire. Although you can get joy from others out of both, there is just something about sitting by a fire that makes everything a bit more enjoyable to me, whether its a corny joke somebody makes, or just sitting quietly enjoying the peace. I love spending time with those i already know in person, but playstaion allows me to meet new people weather they aren't so nice, or they’re friendly enough that i would end up meeting them in person. sometimes i find it funny when i come across somebody whos not so friendly. they’re always so upset and complaining about everything. you would never really find somthing like that by a fire, theres just something about it that kind of sets a mood of relaxation and happiness. it could be because usually fires are held at parties or special occasions which can set that mood as well. and if they are held at a party or special occasion then you may be able to meet new people too. (except hopefully friendly). On occasion that they are not friendly I can't just log off like I could on ps3, I would have to tell somebody, stay away from them, or just leave. one main thing that they both have in common is they both create good memories, weather its freaking out after getting your first kill in call of duty, or laughing with friends, they both create good memories, and sometimes possibly bad ones, but even if some of the memories aren't so great, when im older ill probably be sitting back by another fire laughing about them. a good memory is just the details of a fire in general. the warmth you get when near it when usually all around you is cold, the glow of it in the night drawing people towards it. the ashes sometimes scatter upward creating almost orange stars. the slight smell of smoke in the distance ensures you, its a good fire. one thing that a ps3 has an advantage with is that you can kind of use it whenever, i just have to be home. you can't really just have a fire whenever you want. i value both of them very much, but a ps3 can be replaced, and when possible you can just start another fire, but you can't remake memories that already happened. you have to make new ones. thats whats valuable.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Priced/Priceless essay

Going to the movies with dad: This is important to me because I don’t get many good times with my dad. We are always just too busy to do things usually so whenever I get the chance to spend time with him like that, it’s priceless. It’s also something we both enjoy and look forward to.

Sitting by a fire with friends or family: this is important to me because I really like fire, smores, and warming up in general. No matter if I’m with friends or family, it usually always creates good memories. And usually fires are at cookouts or parties, not only do I like those but I also enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.

Giving mom a hug: this is important to me because I never gave my mom enough hugs. I have good memories of just hugging her and not letting go. I would give anything to give my mom just one more hug, making it priceless.

PlayStation 3: this item is important to me because I use it weekly or possibly daily. I usually spend at least a half hour of my free time using it. It was a gift from my family and I like being grateful and using it. My brother likes to play with me and I can spend time with him and my friends without physically being there.

Bed: this is important to me because I spend over a quarter of my life using it, if not more. If I didn’t use it I would be exhausted all the time and I would never be able to focus on anything. I also love sleeping and waking up refreshed and ready to go.

Phone: this is important to me because I also use it very often. I use it every day to listen to music and to communicate with my family about important things. I also use it to talk with my friends about not so important things. You can also say things over text that would sound pretty weird in person.

Although there are things that you can buy the can mean something and be important, or could just be something you enjoy, they really have no comparison to priceless moments that are sometimes impossible to re experience.

From the priceless list I would choose the sitting by a fire to write more about and from priced I would write more about my bed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Author's notes

1) I would like the reader to be entertained, i wasn't trying to prove any points or themes.

2) It was easy to write the beginning, i think the story over all would be better with more detail.

3) It was harder to write to conclusion because its a short story and i wanted to add more detail.

4) Suggestions would be helpful and beneficial, there is nothing i wish to change or edit right now, and there is nothing particularly i would like classmates to comment on.

Katniss from Catching Fire
Jason from The Lost Hero

It was a warm saturday early morning. it was probably about 3 am. Jason brushed his eyes to attempt to clear the blurriness, but it just stayed. he was surprised with how humid it was for being so early. the wind was blowing.. he was outdoor. he had no idea where he was due to the blurriness of his vision. he tried to remember what had happened before but he just got a headache. for some reason he knew that this had happened before, and that he had to wait a while to remember everything again. his vision finally cleared up, and there he saw a girl. just standing there back towards him. he asked, “hello?, Who are you?”. she turned around and said, “oh! you’re finally awake! Jason right”? he stared confused. “how do you know my name?” she pulled out a shiny device with his picture. but then his attention faded from that to the metal capsule behind her. “im katniss” she said, “i tried to bring me and my family back in time to escape all of the chaos back in my time, i found this time machine in one of the capitals warehouses. so i thought, hell, why not try it out. but it turned out we didn't have enough power for it and only i got transported.” “but according to my identifier you’re a legend, son of Zeus, somebody who's not supposed to exist.”. “I'm sorry” Jason said, “this isn't the first time this has happened to me, but i really can't remember much about myself.” just then something crashed above from the ground, it was a dog sized scorpion, katniss quickly turned and shot it with the futuristic bow that was on her back. Jason just looked at her wide eyed, then he said “i need your help, and then i can help you, if you help me survive from the creatures like that until i can recover my memory, i should be able to help you find a power source for your machine. katniss was about to say something but another creature crashed up. after katniss shot it she asked “why are these things attacking you?” Jason replied “well its not like i can really remember.” katniss just nodded in agreement. then she said “well, if it means a chance of getting back to my family i could protect you until you recover your memory” Jason nodded and said “its a deal then, it should only take about a day to recover it fully, it will be back by tonight, because its coming back pretty quickly, i can already remember some things about where i lived.. camp half blood”. katniss just stood guard around jason. then jason finally realized where he was, he was at the bottom of the grand canyon. then a giant scorpion jumped out off the wall of the canyon, it took katniss about three arrows to take down this one, although, she was a very good shot. Jason suddenly got a surge of about half of his fully memory when he thought about the canyon. he remembered that he had a sword disguised as a pen that he could use to defend himself and that he could summon lightning. he just looked at katniss and then said, “katniss, some of my memories have come back! enough so i know how to defend myself against these creatures until i recover the rest. and i now know how i am going to power your machine” he said. “how?” asked katniss. Jason smiled and said “well, i am the son of Zeus after all, i have the ability to summon lightning.” “thank you for helping me katniss” he said, “if i ever lose my memory again i hope i'll remember you”. katniss was going to say something but then he unexpectedly summoned summoned a lightning bolt onto the rods of the time machine. it instantly powered up. Jason went to a knee tired from using his powers so much. katniss thanked him, and just like that, she was in the time machine and gone. there stood Jason with the sword in one hand just waiting to fight anything that came at him, he was determined,and he knew, he could conquer anything.