Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jay The Dishonored

He awoke to a voice in his head, his vision still blurred. he couldn't make out the voice completely, but he knew it said, “I am the wretched memory you seek, or do you not seek it?”. he got up immediately in shock. he tried remembering what was going on, a gashing pain went into his head.  he couldn't remember remember where he was, why he was there, or what he was even doing there. he tried to remember again this time thinking harder. not caving into the pain he collapsed again. he awoke a while later and the sun had set. he examined his surroundings, he was in some kind of shack in the woods. there was blood spread across the floor. he could recall a familiar face. it must be his father, and he remembered some words he said. but none of them exactly helped. “follow the red trail, if you can claim what is rightfully yours at the end, then maybe you're not such a worthless peice of shit, maybe you’re worthy of my presence for once.” if this really was a memory of his father, his father was ruthless and unloving. but he didn't know what else to do, so he starting looking around. examining the shack. the walked to the door.. stepping in puddles of blood. opened it, and there he saw the red trail his father spoke of. it seemed to go on for a while, going around trees and turning in no particular direction. it had to go somewhere at some point though. he went back in the shed. he looked under the matt he woke up on. there, he found a sword, a lighter, and a note. the not just said “good luck. from, a friend”. then there was a little sketch of a sword on fire. well, if he had a lighter and a sword you can imagine what he was supposed to do. he held the lighter to the sword and it instantly gleamed with light and flames gashing out. however, they were tamed and controlled. he took a moment just to admire the sword. then he realized what he needed to do again.. was he sure he wanted to do this? did he really want to play the game his father set up for him? he didn't really have any other choice.. he needed to meet his father. he walked outside and started following the trail of blood, twisting and turning it felt endless.. after about a mile he finally said screw it to staying on the trail and cut through the thick brush when there was a turn. that was a mistake, after he got back onto the trail he realized there was a rash on his legs, but it wasn't itchy, it burned and slowly melted away his skin slowly as if some kind of acid. he avoided touching it in worry that it would spread more, he saw another cabin up ahead that the trail led into. he began to get used to the pain of walking and by the time he got there he couldn't feel it anymore. he walked inside the cabin, he noticed his leg was swollen and irritated. and there, slept a giant dog.. it appeared to be something like a hellhound.. he looked closer, the trail led to a chest. he snuck over to the chest without awakening the beast. locked. he thought with frustration, then he noticed that the dog had a key on his collar. F**k this he said quietly to himself.. but it wasnt quite enough.. he turned around to a the dog awakening. pulled up his sword and lit it once again. the beast was fully awake now.. he flashed the sword in his face and sad stay back!? it hesitated for a molment, and then swooped his paw down and gashed his leg. He had a delayed reaction to the pain, acidic puss gushed from his leg and soaked the dog. The dog howled in pain and just colapsed. He stabbed it to assure it was dead. His leg was now bleeding, but it was relieved and looked healthy again. He slid the key from the dogs corps. And slowly opened the chest, inside there was a bow and quiver of arrows with another note. He slung the bow and arrows onto his back. And then opened the note. It said "that's it you're almost there, don't bother turning away, you'll just live of life of death and destruction. Or we're you living that life before you lost your memory?" He struck the ground with the sword in anger, thre the not on the ground. He walked through the door where the trail continued, impaled the sword into the cabin, lit it, and walked away as it burned. He laughed a little and continued on the trail. he just thought off and continued on the trail not too focused on what was ahead, and when he realized where he was he looked up, it had to be his fathers outpoast. it was a bunker looking thing still in the middle of the woods. there was no door it was just open, he walked inside to see a hall with doors on each side leading down to two double doors at the end. he walked to the end through the double doors, there sat his father on a concrete throne. the floor in the room was soaked with blood. and beside his thrown sat two more giant dog things, exept these one were flaming. he aproached his father as he said “welcome my son, you completed all my taskes but one”. as he gestured to the demon dogs. not even thinking about it he took out his sword and started striking the dogs until their fires died with them. he approached his father while he was holding the orb that must have contained his memories. his father said “very good, now as promised,  your memories” he tossed jay the orb. jay looked at it thinking for a few molments. he smashed it on the ground. his father looked at him in shock. he lit the sword, approached his father, and said “now why would i want to remember anything else about a sick bastard like you?!” his fathers head rolled on the floor as his corps burned.  

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